The Repeat

Posted: December 15, 2013 in culture, family, humor, nature, technology


It still amazes me
This nation making all the same mistakes as every other big fat prosperous come-lazy
And soon to crumble from within nation
that ever was….

And since we love to boast how there’s nothing we can do
All goes on
as if it were
In our dreams possibly
Or at least some reflection thereof
pretending that memories don’t fade
and that a crack in your liberty
is nothing to be wary of.
Poor misled and largely unled younger generations
lambs to the slaughter.


if not a “Target”

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Walmart parod-y-FT
heralds a season, assuredly.
Once again, as they say
the fringe will burn the candle at both ends
and trample those in their way
for a bargain basement price.
and though many a house be close to home repot.,
the horde descends upon the local Home Depot….. as-
MILLIONS of us, will kill, MILLIONS of trees….and then

with less air to breathe, we’ll smile,
sing songs of rejoicing
Trumpets and bells
know; secret, muted jingles foretell
of a savior
to be slain for no apparent reason.
Gyros and gyros fly by
as eons and neons compete
and dear, oh dear, what cucumber dip
would chastise to complete
the bride, still showing her slip.
Ho……………Ho………….Hoes in a Cadillac
cruisin on by
in the chill of the night
t’wards their sweet, bye and bye
and they wish they could and they wish they might
be wisked away in splendor
from this cruel and fearful…… world of fright.
But, Lo, and Behold, for it must be crystal clear
if we would travel to a new world
and not bring with us
sorrow’s tear…..
NOW, you can blink.
Run Home…. there’s a fat guy tryin to break into your pad.


– Archer/Poet Society (Anonymous)