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The Repeat

Posted: December 15, 2013 in culture, family, humor, nature, technology


It still amazes me
This nation making all the same mistakes as every other big fat prosperous come-lazy
And soon to crumble from within nation
that ever was….

And since we love to boast how there’s nothing we can do
All goes on
as if it were
In our dreams possibly
Or at least some reflection thereof
pretending that memories don’t fade
and that a crack in your liberty
is nothing to be wary of.
Poor misled and largely unled younger generations
lambs to the slaughter.


Any wonder, ‘Why?’…

The most brilliant, is always under dark attack.

7 deadly sins…

In a world where the truth is a street made of ore,

the honest pay heed to the demands of a whore….

Capitalism, on the loose.

Surely, “No holds barred”,

was never meant for angels and demons.


and we wonder why this

and we wonder why that…

Cheaters prosper for a moment

and the meek, while being slain,

wait for their inheritance.

Everyone’s screaming,

but no one is heard.

The truth is set free

but the shotgun’s for the free bird….

Cast out your monsters

and then what….

watch them all run to your enemy, for reinforcements.

and once again, I say


Better to wield control over both worlds….

but, how.

The earth, and all that is in it, belong to the Lord.


the Lord is supposed to live inside us.


What’s under YOUR feet?