just some background, for relativity’s sake.

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

A list of jobs (that I remember)
and (some) experiences that I have been through…
car detailer, appliance repair, waiter, heavy equipment mechanic, ice cream
man, landscaping, construction, night janitor, built 3-legged Red Top ladders,
built truss & gable, Produce delivery, computer chassis/cover powdercoating,
irrigation, longshoreman casual forklift operator(Mearsk)/ Log Lasher (Sea Ace),
convenient store asst mgr, daffodil picker, apartment maintenance and
supervisor, painting, plumbing, drywall, appliance delivery & setup, pond/fountain
care, pool & spa maintenance, electrical apprentice, hazardous waste treatment
specialist, Certified in Confined Space Entry, Home construction, slitter operator
/ coating operator, sample dept. manager, inventory control, head
shipping/receiving, dispatch, IT, purchasing, cab driver, roofer, Amway,
hardwood flooring, tile, massage therapist, panned for and found nuggets of
gold, has a horse come over the rail at a barrel rodeo and fell right on me,
instantaneously lost my 1st love to a head-on collision, never had a chance to
break-up with my jr high school sweetheart, refuse to share personally
experienced bigfoot info, raised pigeons and chickens, caught big bass and let
em live in the tub, went froggin at night with a flashlight and my bow, jumped off
a 72 foot high rock into the river and destroyed my back,(on my little girl’s 14th
birthday), set a field on fire, never been arrested, never did jury duty cuzza my
flippin quarter, baseball, soccer, football, coach (Boys & Girl’s Club), fishing,
hunting with gun/bow, camping, met a billionaire, musician, asst. drum major,

Basic Training squad leader, USAF Drum & Bugle,
wielding a chainsaw, a torch and driving, at 13. only 2 heroes died on same
weekend, fiery dreams that come true, a late-bloomin green thumb, and dogs
that loved me more than I could ever deserve,
sprinkled my brother’s ashes in the woods,
and walked my mother away from my dead father…
glorious children, that do me great honor,
6 beautiful and bright grandkids before I begin my 7×7 year,
and more ex-wives than you can shake a stick at,
let alone, throw rocks towards,
…. lest I rip you to shreds, on their behalf.
… cuz…Believe me…..
they’ve been through enough, already.
I have definitely had my realm of castles, made of sand,
and had my cake too……

…. saving the best for last,
He who seeks to be First, shall be last…..
A relationship with
He Who is timelessly argued over, to be Named.



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