Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

what use, is the dawn,

when mankind refuses to wake?

A million dreams and flights of fancy

lead flocks of seagulls to rough seas

leaving them nowhere on earth to stand.


Terra Firma, no more

as all things, that can be shaken-

are stirred.

The melting pot of man boils over,

while fields of Morning Glories

witness a peaceful dove,named Jurisprudence,

taking flight;

having been cast out from the halls of political correctness,

in order to deify ourselves.


The wolves are not at the door, Miss Piggy.

They are already in the kitchen, preparing a feast.

You, my dear, are dreaming;

as you do not yet realize-

You left the door open;

so sleepy, were you.

and Now,

that wonderful aroma, that’s making you hungry….

it’s your own flesh, that’s about to burn.


The sheep-of-the-field, in their ignorance,

tend to act as though, there is no consequence,

believing in green pastures.

Who can deny the need for a Shepherd?

A carved statue is as productive as a scarecrow.

In a moment by, the fear is gone,

and the scavengers come to call.


Vague reasonings and implied constructs:

virtual fences and Chef Boyardee.

It takes more than these to protect our treasures.

If you want a wall or a fence, however,

you’re just going to have to choose-

on which side you’ll stand.


Do you think that, if hell were a real place,

the road would be named; “Good Intention Blvd”?

I bet there will be plenty of internal combustion engines

abandoned in the “No Parking” zones,

along with every Prius ever made.

(ok… maybe not 100%.. lol.. my bad. I do know a Prius driver that used to be a trucker. That makes her OK in my book) hehehe- NEwayz…


(lunch!…. bbl… maybe)


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