Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’ve all seen “Tom Sawyer”.

Hired to whitewash the fence of another.

A perfect symbol for 90 some-odd percent of Christians’ relationship with God.

Unwilling to spend the amount demanded for real paint.

Only spending enough to give the appearance of a fresh change.

The problem with whitewashing is

that it doesn’t endure the harsh winter storms or the heat of the summer sun

and must be redone constantly,

lest the true grain of what’s underneath be revealed

and thus vulnerable to the neighbors’ scorn.

Too often, it seems,

we hire someone else to dress up our exterior

and never get the opportunity to experience the real ordeal of change for ourselves,

thus missing out on the benefit that comes

from doing the job right and gaining the inner growth we all need.


we go to extremes to landscape outside our homes;

pretty flowers all around and such.

And yet-


we deal with all the same turmoils,

hidden gracefully from the public

by the facade

we even go into debt to keep up,

as what’s on the inside dies.


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