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Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

If our highs and lows in life and within us, are like hills and valleys, then we all have our own terrain. Trees, flowers, plant varieties, even the behaviors of animals, mirror symbols of our own selves and liken our personalities as reflections of the landscapes of our character. Cynicism mimics stony paths where foliage is unable to flourish. Often, peaceful rivers flow after a time of tumultuous weather; the risen tide having cut a painful, jagged path through bedrock, beneath the topsoil of appearance. Erosion; slow, yet consistent, eventually wears lines and wrinkles upon the face of hillsides. Emotions sometimes erupt, spewing angry lava that blackens beauty and burns bridges. Virtues; like oak trees, stand strong in the wilderness of our self. They provide shelter for critters and cover us with shade on days of pestilent sun. The sound of a principle being felled by the saw of compromise is ne’er heard in the dense forests of our souls. Wildlife mirrors our own moods and behaviors. Animals frolic in peaceful meadows yet flee from wildfire, as it destroys their homes and many perish. Our hopes soar the heights like birds, who are sometimes dashed to the ground in windy turmoils. Our eyes rain in and out of season as the random winds blow storms without apparent reason or mercy, though, it must be said that rainbows resound moments of joyful tear, from time to time. In an ocean of people, replete with predators, our vulnerabilities are withdrawn when we sea anenomae… Ambition and drive, herald the dawn with a “cock-a-doodle-doo”, rousing slow-to-wake sensibilities, inasmuch as our hunger and thirst for success bay like hounds for the chase. We feign the killdeer’s “broken wing” to protect our softer sides, as we do for our children. Barring any unforeseen disasters, the trees in our garden bear fruit, providing sustenance for animals to thrive and play. We wouldn’t be complete without an alien invasion, so, inevitably, unnatural pieces are introduced, and spread like gangrene. Concrete is spread on the face of the landscape and foundation is applied to the cheeks. Swaths of land are destroyed as bulldozers and cutting edge procedures-in-vain tear at the strongest roots and clear-cut virtues for a facade of temporary structure. Mine shafts of greed bore into the soul and rob us of treasures, buried deep, until there is nothing left beneath to support the surface appearance. Walls come down. We apply poisons to deter the pests of inconvenience as the roots below inadvertently suffer, weakening the tree of our life. We stem from branches of our father’s fathers. Flowers fade and leaves fall. The landscape disappears. The food chain rusts and species go extinct. Burdened by this unending mask-era, one by one, acreage is traded for redevelopment. Buildings of every sort are like face lifts, which artificially attempt to paint youth upon an aging land. Deafened by tractor’s roar, the hyena is seldom heard on the outskirts, mocking the irony of our futile struggle to survive. When sapling is relegated to live within an allotted and curbed border, as mere visual ornament, only to be cut down when it eventually intrudes upon the pavement’s integrity, creation itself is enslaved and reduced to accessory. Freedom is not found in the city. Nor is it a mammal in an expansive and plush cage at the zoo. The forest has no walls. Breeze and bees spread seed and spore as they will and are not kept only to allotted place. It needs no maintenance and grows when and where the rain, soil and sun allow. Often, we treat our world the same way we treat ourselves and others. We dress it up, we cover it with things, we light a smoke and go for a drive, making pollution. We can see in our minds, the death of a fragile environment and our own mortality. We pay for our vices and pay also, too high a price to powers-that-be for our air conditioning and heat. We count our days in decades, as sure as we count the seasonal rings on yet another felled Teton. We live as though our world is privy to unending resource and act half our lives as though we cannot die.The uninformed and unlearned are easily herded by the rancher’s prod. To eat, the lion must work to bring down his prey. The monkey climbs his ladder to reach the most succulent of leaves and is only fitted with one suit and no necktie, Italian shoes or Blackberry. On hot summer days, elephants make a mad dash for public pools and it seems today, I have acted the Yeti and condor; all the while, just a shipwrecked fool, pacing the shoreline, footprints leaving his own line in the sand like a simple scavenger sea gull. The bandit raccoon, in a silent race, squeezes into confined spaces to acquire shiny trinkets for his nest egg.
He, like basic instinct, knows shit from shinola… and always washes his hands after his crime.


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