Under the Shade of the Oak Tree

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


In the midst of battle,

a warrior can hear, the falling of his comrades,

by the sound of their last breaths.

Were it not for the enemy, pressing in,

he would rush to his friends and comfort them.

Inside the warrior, a fire is burning even brighter,

and his sword cries out for vengeance.

Those, picnicking on hillside,

under the shade of the oak tree,

cup of tea in hand,

hurl accusations of anger issues

and allusions to painted fantasies of peace,

at those, attempting,

to not allow the enemy to burn the very oak tree,

they rest under,

while believing themselves to be enlightened…



when the warrior has laid waste to his enemy,

he will turn,

to protect the oak tree

from the poisonous serpents,

under its cover.


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