Them Trumpets and Horns (or) That Blasted Shofar and Zamfir…

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Chinese propaganda poster: “Destroy the old world; Forge the new world.” A worker (or possibly Red Guard) crushes the crucifix, Buddha, and classical Chinese texts with his hammer; 1967.



How many men, does an army make?

200 Million.


363-page conclusion: China’s nuclear arsenal could be


than the well-established estimates of arms-control ‘experts’.


200 Million sons.

200 Million aborted sisters……

No chicks.

I’d be pissed off, if I was 200 million Chinese men.

Happy birthday, son. Here’s your gift: A nuclear weapon.

Go play. Have fun.


* Insert Revelation 9:13-16


(I know. I know. I should bite my Mao Tse tongue)


Evidence of China’s nuclear storage system

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