The Struggle

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The body struggles to survive and not be encroached upon, as it tries to grow.

Death wants in, to kill.

It even pretends to be a friend. It looks good. It smells good. It feels good..

Like an angel of light. It always wears a mask. Or is that a burk-ha?

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, where the battle lines are drawn,

all is not seen and understood, and there is friendly fire,

or we mistake a loved one for foe.

When we are surrounded by enemies, things can get dicey.

Things we allow, can turn around and bite us in the ass

and even threaten our very survival.

The next thing you know,

you’re forced to make decisions you never thought you would,

under normal conditions.

Homeostasis = Peace.

When body = nation,

Then standard = border.

…and the land within those borders becomes, in and of itself, a temple. A house.

…as Israel continues to build.

If our standards are constantly being challenged, then opposition will always dispute just where the line should be drawn and will attempt to encroach thereupon, with all sorts of empty promises and agreements, ie.(compromise), though they never publicly declare your standards as sovereign to you. In one talon, they hold a branch of peace, while aiming the arrow in the other. We see it in the Muslim world of radical jihad, the Jewish world of  secularist/protectionism and in the U.S. government vs. The People; not to mention in the business world and perhaps, even still in our very homes? It’s ok for death and destruction to lie, cheat, steal and destroy. The father of lies, the devil, has told them that “the ends justify the means”, and you NEVER let a good crisis go to waste. Expensive suits and Master’s degrees. And rightly so, since they are masters in the art of illusion. They should be. Theirs is the wasteland of mirage. A sea of sand where the cedars of Lebanon can not stand; a place devoid of life and a life without hope.

Whether terrorist or politician, it seems lately, that the aim is to rule by iron fist or decree. Coexistence, as oil, is in short supply; at least on a grand scale. The life spring of a nation flows downstream from its mountain, to inevitably co-mingle with the great river in the valley below. There, the clarity of the individual stream is lost, and there is flux between the two, as the currents are pushed into imbalance, as each current seeks its way against the river it empties into; yet to be lost to dissolution and losing its original and/or personal character. A world constantly at war. Nation against nation and brother against brother. The level of blood continues to rise in the valley and, cumulatively speaking, there has already been enough blood shed through time, to fill a valley deep enough for  men to choke on. The figurative and spiritual standpoints of man and that of the nation of Israel, are one-in-the-same. Both, this nation and people who want to live and thrive, will be tempted to resort to arms in the most desperate situation, though we wish not to kill. We don’t want to be ruled by less than that which we hold dear. This is why Jerusalem was chosen by God. It is where man can finally see in a macrocosm, his own plight and challenges to live according to truth and not die by deception. In the blink of an eye, the correlations can hit you; Israel lives out the parable of man; the human condition. Look deeply, and you will see yourself in the middle of it. There is no happenstance in cause and effect. Intention manifests itself in a tangible world when energy is applied to concept.

…and they say “there is no God”.


A tiny planet, trying to survive, surrounded by a universe of darkness.

A nation, defending itself, surrounded by its enemies.

A man, attempting to live, surrounded by a sea of opposition and deception.

A truth, seeking to be known; surrounded by an eternity of lies.

A tree; encircled by concrete. Got roots?

A young mind, expanding; needing knowledge and wisdom.

The power of God in yang, seeking a face we can recognize as true.

Do you see it yet, in your foggy mirror?



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