The Sons and Daughters

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time, as is fitting,
there will be a generation of daughter and sons,
borne of fire, borne of the Spirit,
conceived of, by the awesome imagination of God most high;
borne for the final 2 minutes.
They will not be afraid of the beast,
who attempts to devour all in its wake.
Their lives are not their own.
They have been bought with such a price,
they cannot help but give theirs in return.
They will rise,
in a voice that echoes through time and space; beyond mortality.
Their cries will pierce both flesh and bone; both soul and spirit.
When they speak that which the Spirit shows them,
their whole being will comprehend and feel an energy flowing through them;
A ‘shekinah glory’ that carries with it,
the pleas of a thousand generations; weeping in pain and regret,
longing for what is true; demanding recompense. Justice. Mercy.
The blood of the saints, sheep; led astray, innocent lambs, crushed;
whether by war, famine, disease, self infliction,
or even* technological and medicinal experimentation,
under the guise of – “for the betterment of all”.
In their hearts,
The roaring Lion, who will not be assuaged by false flags flying
and promises never kept by mere men; exalted.
The fears they once knew become a pitiful child inside; tantruming.
As they come and as they go, the realizations of Him, who is to come,
shine within their minds, revealing what it is, they, themselves desire and covet.
The truth and obvious payment due, for our* inner failings and compromises
towards the temporal pleasures in this world, echo the accuser’s voice,

(and yet) blood was shed.

The logic of it far, far overwhelms any wisdom of man;
just as surrender NEVER seems to be an option, when the Romans come……


“For him who has ears to hear”…
Does that include the ear that was severed? (Oh, how God’s humor RULES)

Bless God! He is purifying us, as He said He would.
We look around and see the world follows His prophetic Word, to a “T”,
(or is that a Cross?),
though they all try SO* hard not to….

I am laughing through my tears,
looking at my friends, wanting to encourage those who get it,
fearing only for those who don’t… Yet.


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