The Scarecrow

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


The scarecrow showed up at the auction, to offer his services in regards to keeping

watch over the field, until a new owner could be found for the farm that had been

foreclosed upon. His seams were bulging with fluff, which people interpreted as inner

substance. While his coveralls looked worn ’nuff and his straw hat had seen its share of

rain, those gathered that day wondered at his shoelessness, though, they considered it

rude to pry, and he had made mention of growing up on a sugar cane farm … maybe they

went shoeless over yonder. The locals knew nothing of far away places. Then, when

elected watcher of the corn, he quickly took his post, most astute. What they did not

realize, was the secret desire of the scarecrow. His, is a world of degradation and

withering… fading.. a world of being mocked, taken advantage of and hazed, even by the

scavengers, most persistent. Wishing for a windless day with no alarm, is futile, when

it comes time for saplings to be made flexible, for sturdy growth’s sake. Pity, the

corn, which was desolated, by a false guard, letting in the varmints, while the people

quibble over a fair price, for a harvest, thrice removed.


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