The Hippocratic Oath and Constitutionalities

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The brain surgeon stood at the patient’s bedside, with an unmistakable frown.

The patient knew, from the look alone, that the prognosis was not good.


“You have a bacteria that is growing in your brain-

and removing it,  would require more than a scalpel.

More, like a machete…

Unfortunately, your insurance does not cover such a procedure, and-

on top of the fact that, I am prohibited by law and Hippocratic oath,

to conduct such an operation.

I’m very sorry, Mr. P.. My hands are tied.”


The patient drew a deep breath of shocked and horrified measure,

before exhaling his hopes and dreams.

The look on his face was that of disbelief and sorrow, knowing,

There was no-one in the city who would have the cajones to endeavor such a feat.


“I could lose my license or even go to jail”, he explained.

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing more I can do.”


With that, the surgeon gave a tight-lipped smile,

(however meaningless and non-conciliatory it was),

before he patted the patient on the shoulder and turned away…

Then, quietly, before exiting the room, humbly, (and to him, none-too-soon)

he hung the clipboard on the end on the hospital bed,

that showed the name of the patient- about to die….


“Mr. We The People”, it read…


At the funeral, there we too few mourners

and the dirge was rushed by raindrops falling on a casket,

covered in red, white and blue…


The disease in the (head) had brought the whole (body) to an end.

There was no Dr. Who.

There was no sympathy at the appellate table, surrounded by accountants.

His corpse was burned and his property was sold, to the highest bidder.


This bacteria, that had caused such devastation, had a remarkable behavior…

It gathered trace amounts of phosphorus that are found in the blood,

and mooched ATP from the surrounding tissues,

as a catalyst,

which caused the phosphorus to glow,

causing itself it to appear indistinguishable from normal synaptic spark,

thus, fooling the brain into thinking that, nothing, was out of order.

Once accepted by the brain, and thus the whole body,

the bacteria was then free to manipulate the body at will,

causing behaviors that seemed acceptable at the time, to the body,

which (just happened) to be under tremendous strain, by a multitude of factors.

The body, having been struggling to prosper, for quite some time,

swallowed wholeheartedly, that which it was fed by this rogue impersonation of natural function,

and was thus poisoned, inasmuch as the stomach would allow, at any given time.


The head of this country has been taken over by a disease.

The body is growing weaker each day,

The bacteria exerts more and more control over the body,

while, ironically,

One hand longs to strangle the neck of itself to end the cycle of destruction

that the head has unleashed upon each member.

Of course, the brain, now has a wonderful relationship with the other hand,


from its (progressive) point of view,

gloriously points a finger at the other hand, and accuses it of heresy and a lack of “civility”.

Predictably, the ass, just SITS there and does NOTHING to change the channel.

The feet wanna run the hell away from this mess butt,

are unfortunately, connected to the worthless ass,

that they kneed to (g|max)imize their flight.

Caught in the middle of this struggle,

We find the leg, wobbly and with a tense face, yearning for a latte.

(ie. tensor fascia lata)

The stomach, has had about, all it can take-

and just needs to puke out the bullcrap it has been made to swallow.

Too much burden has been placed on the shoulders.

So many knife scars on the back,

Some, by its own hand.

It is truly a wonder, that deep inside this dying man,

is a heart, still pumping and trying to keep the body alive,

regardless of the subversion in the brain,

that continues to this day.…


The body looks and looks for someone to save the day

and make the pain go away.

It has been torn to shreds and pulled in opposing directions…

Drawn and quartered, by 4 horses of cursed hoof.


Any wonder, that the body seriously needs an enema?

Perhaps, butterscotch, for Michelle.




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