The Final Frontier

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Space. What is it, but darkness?

Stars. What are they, but lights; shining in the darkness?

Although, there are millions upon millions,

They are still; few & far between.

Is it any wonder that,

everything that (matter)s, is eventually drawn towards the light,

and it’s gravity upon the situation?

Space is cold.

It care-eth not, for wandering travelers,

hurled to or fro,

by external forces, into a seemingly endless nowhere,

…until drawn again, to the light.

Surely, it is a true statement:

“A thousand years is as a day”,

when you’re traveling at light speed, through the heavens.

The quasar quartet weaves its tune,

as the pulsar marches gallantly, to its own drum.

Does it take for an iron maiden to relay,

The simple logic in, all things decay?

“When the life-giver dies, all around is laid waste…”

Blessed Supernova.

Consume your satellites in fervent heat,

In your final hours,

Lest we are frozen, forevermore,

in the cold, dark reaches of space and time.


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