The Encrypted Tale of the Oasis Child

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

A child,
Living on an oasis, stared too long at the sun
Unable and unwilling to look away from the forbidden light
Past the tears that streamed down his face
He had refused to blink, until the discomfort was gone
The demolished rubble of a once healthy church
Reached out and took him by the foot in mid-flight
pulling him mercilessly back to earth and
Marking his head in a mid-summer’s game of tag
Blood flowed, as he received his thorn in the flesh
A gift of humility to carry, exposed, all his days
His playground, between a rock and a hard place
In the canyon; in the gap between two worlds
Taken away, he became a pioneer
on a journey to find hidden treasure
buried deep within a volcano, he was later
pre-ordained to dwell, for a time
amidst the evergreen, though above
He saw the truth behind the plush veil
a desolate and shredded landscape of nakedness
Sent to enter the cave of despair and annihilation
And found to have no name
He was thus, turned away in disdain
He witnessed in awe, great astronomical sights
While living within the corona
His arrow, aimed at Ophiuchus
Alluding to universal focus
His fate, sealed in pursuit
His back, saddled with the weight of the great wheel
He remembered hearing laughter from the shadows
At a time past unknown, when the scene-to-be had been
Revealed to him, before his birth
The dark-doubters, in their arrogance
Dared him to relay all he had seen
Realizing that the greatest obstacles were rue to be moved
Except, at the behest of the Invisible Hand
He set out, knowing
All that was left for him was to die in the attempt.




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