The “Dim” Statement

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Once upon a time, a rushing wind blew. It picked up a piece of dust from the earth and swirled it in mid-heaven, which was, concurrently, experiencing the effects of solar flare, upon invisible magnetic fields, in high and lofty position.

Magnetic pull from above, and gravity, as always, pulling down, giving us Dim 1.

Winds pushing horizontally would be Dim 2.

Atmospheric pressure, on whatever variable of mass that a piece of dust can muster, could be construed as Dim 3.

Energy flows from the light and, conversely, the lack thereof, in darkness, heat and cool. Dim 4.

The rain falls, the mist arises – and fertility’s wing covers all that it touches, in Dim 5.

But for all these unseen powers, and mankind’s refusal to see the unseen, there would be no cause, for the Lightning’s Hand.  Just as it flashes from east to west, so too, the spark and breath of life enters into the dust, bringing us to Dim 6.

A lot of factors go into creation. So many forces, unseen.

We can all agree that it is a wonderful thing, this planet; so alive.

Such a pity, that possession divides the land.

We would destroy it all, arguing over whether it was all just a case of astronomic happenstance, or by the hand of intelligent design, of a loving and wise Creator, Who, once upon a time, was dying to get through to us, while we attempted to steal His car keys and run His ass over.


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