Taqqiya Trickery and Monkey Shines

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Consider Muslim perception of the evils of US Imperialistic/Capitalism and Zionism. Take “Takeyya” into account. A Muslim man, from African descent, arises to take control of the “beast” and bring it to its knees. He would likely be considered more saintly than any simple imam; come and gone. Of the 11 whom had come before, none succeeded in being responsible for finishing off the final resistance to their dream of heaven on earth, (with Mohammed in ruthless command and doling out bush-ells of virgins).

Welcome to the holy war, between Ishmael and his brother, Israel.

In the 21st century of techno-power, WMD’s and Bilderbergs, destroying the “Great Satan” would take more than a simple rue, or carpeting-over of foundational intent of agenda. It would certainly need to be of the most elaborate weave ever, even since the beginning of Persia, itself. This magic carpet would take a multi-tiered tapestry of deceptions and subterfuge such has never been seen by the eyes of men.

Would not Mecca rejoice and crown any man capable of such a feat as “the chosen One”

and appropriately… the “12th  and final Imam”?

But, you point out that, millions across the planet hate this man.

Surely, in the name of security and stratagem, multitudes would not be given the ability to recognize, that this man was only apparently failing at the coup of the US government and transformation into a one world government, by means of elections, already long overdue.

Unbeknownst to his constituents, (whom he secretly reviles for their godless ways as much as his arch-foe who resides in Zion), he dreams of slaying these very infidels who, for lack of knowledge and understanding, have been duped into enthroning and empowering him, at the cost of more than their petty souls can cover.


Still, a troll from hell tickles the leg of the obsequious 5th column…


Fooled, they were.

He stole from poor Peter, to pay for Paul’s e-Chad, with baseball bat in hand.

To be sure, many, many were blessed in the redistribution. Most did not see,

that they had given the coup, the keys to the Caddy,

and Barry was hot to ride his chariot of fire.

For 2 straight years, he plunders by the iron fist of a super-majority, gone astray.

Though eventually, the bulk of his cohorts are profoundly rejected, he snickers under his breath and waves, on his way to the Taj Mahal, to finish his trickery and gain his supposed, however temporary, crown of glory from those who knew all along, of his “Takeyya”.


The Arabian knight slips quietly in on horseback, through night of black, to plunder and brutally murder those who slumber in their oasis mirage.


Even the scorpion knows better than to sleep at night in the Sahara.

Wielding his scimitar, he leaves bloody hoof prints of Apocolypta on the desert sands of a people gone away from the tree of life; dry and calloused from the merciless flame of consequence, which beats down from above and the tumultuous winds of adversity hammer them on every level in the atmospheres of their hearts, minds and very lives.

Where once great pillars stood, now crumbled by erosion on the hillsides of national security, morality, financial responsibility, spiritual maturity, and governmental scrutiny,


Meccans celebrate in an attempt to “plant-the-flag” of victory, near the tomb of 2 towers.


As the supposed victors of freedom begin to seek ways to undo the wake of carnage upon their land, they are all but blind to the soon-crashing of the next and much larger, unexpected wave of destruction, planned in far-away, posh hotels and mosques, paid for, by those about to be served as dinner for demons in skin, who arrogantly expected the lashing at the massacre poll. They had previously and strategically reasoned, a seemingly monumental defeat, into their sinister and oh-so “progressive” ‘a plan.

(Projected variables and factors usually found in the fog of war.) Duhh…

Part of the equation… A sacrifice, per se’.

The ends justify the means.

That good ol’ proverbial “lack of knowledge”, ignorance of principle (intentional or not), and fattening from prosperity, ultimately lead apathetic to slaughter, though their union reps promise security and protection from all sorts of evil.


In a war that has had no end, (as in most), the success of key battles always turns the tide. What matter is the thought of being voted out of power, when you’ve already received the down payment on your 30 pieces of silver and a forked-tongued promise of a place in the new realm?

Even a 2 year mad-rush by a super majority can advance their socialist agenda to a point of momentum, obtained; ensuring an ever-arduous fight to reverse the tyrannical effects of executive order. Children and young adults especially, are exposed and vulnerable to the facade worn by socialism and have no personal experience to guard them from its trappings.

(Free ice cream, for those who stand in line to hear about eating more healthy foods, from the mouth of the hypocritical concubine; defrocked by Hippocrates’ sword.)


Hip-hop’sters know nothing of the horrible and intrinsic proven truths of socialism-in-play. Death, destruction and slavery are at the hands of the ruling elitists, who are so well-versed in smooth and flattering speech; not to mention protected by fortresses from their own people.



Claiming to be a Christian, he became hated by Muslims not in-the-know, yet leading enough infidels to the polls-gone-astray. Lies are justified by a religion of death. Some would here argue that Christians too, have killed and plundered for 2,000 years.

To be completely fair; it was never the religion that, in any case, condoned a single death, and thereby, makes this argument a separate issue and moot in relation to the condemnation of religions that espouse such acts of violence and chaos, having strayed from the spirit of life and peace and truth.

In fact, it is my opinion that this argument is usually thrown up as really nothing but a distraction and mis-directive diversion, to keep the focus of jurisprudence away from the souls still hiding in darkness and fearful of the truth coming their way, “for the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword and as piercing as far as both soul and spirit , of joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” (Hebrews 4;12)

The end result of distraction and diversion is always the continuation of needless and illogical theologies  and the damage they do to us all.

Immoral means are not justified by moral ends.


Side note:

Overturning tables of greed in the temple is quite allowed,

if you are the embodiment of the purpose of having a temple in the first place.

As rightful owner, the temple is yours to build or destroy as you see fit.

The guests enter and leave at your discretion.

The diseased limb is cut off to save the body.

The farmer prunes the branch in wise fashion.

Let the offended grumble at their trinkets, strewn on holy ground,

for their treasures are but wood, hay and straw,

destined from the threshing floor, for consummation by fiery furnace.


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