Taking a Stand

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

You’d have me stand on the issue.
One way, or the other.
What you fail to see is that I have already seen both sides
And have realized the futility of the fight.
There are larger dynamics at work, which will bend these issues,
Regardless of what logic would allow to transpire.
The problem is that, because we are humans,
Having such limited foresight,
We are unable to accurately determine, what problems
May arise tomorrow, from today’s solutions.
Time and again over, throughout the ages,
We have tried every conceivable method to rule ourselves peacefully,
Albeit, while simultaneously battling other, perhaps more barbaric nations.
Where are the results?
Hell. Just trying to stay alive, right?
Seeking to save our lives?

There has never been a lasting peace within the family of man,
While men ruled themselves.
We have been deluded to think that waging war will end fighting.
You’d have me stand with a weapon,
When words themselves, set fire to the earth,
And all that surrounds me is filled with deceit and degradation.
All I need is one bullet for that weapon you try to push into my hands.
Then I shall be free from the lunacy that surrounds me,
As it attempts to steal my very soul.

Thou shall not kill.

I see the poor patriot from every nation,
As he walks in the garden with our Lord,
(Such noble and good intent)

Not unlike the disciple…
Taking a weapon and slicing the ear off of the soldier…
The soldier, who had come to arrest the Man of Truth.

The Man who was trying to lay down His life… Not defend it.

Did they teach you in Sunday school what happened next?
… and if so, what of that?

I’m so very interested in your replies…
(The intelligent and real ones)
I’m not here to cast my pearls before swine, so….

“Come. Let us reason.”


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