Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ever since childhood, my reality’s been surreal.
Surrounded by undying apathy, for His universal appeal.
– plaguing my existence.

The theater of my dreams has quickly stolen the show.
Society, though I scream, so blindly follows the flow.
– straining my persistence.

Excuse me, if I sit a while; and drown my sorrows in addiction.
I must overcome the moment, despite this earthly affliction.
– regaining my resistance.

I love you all but hate the ignorance.
Down a dead end street, we go,
– unheeded; my insistence.


The reaper who follows, we’re all too soon to meet.
We trample innocent souls, beneath our dry and calloused feet.
– on the road to annihilation.

An individual’s agony – destruction on a global scale.
Slavery – a human soul, always up for sale.
– pride and the cost of inflation.

My psyche has grown old and frail.
Come, do me in,
with precious hammer and nail.




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