Stupid Old Fart

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Show me a teenager today.

Not the exception.

We don’t deal in exceptions ’round here, no more.

Show me the average one.

He will look and act like, ten thousand; and more.

His window on life was shattered, in a burst of rage,

from his father.

Gaps, seldom close.

The winds make their way in,

the turmoil swirls through the home,

causing destruction.

The survivors flee in every direction,

separating us, even more.

Post traumatic stress postures arise,

and fueled, are many-a-fire, that endureth too long.

Doused, are dreams and hopes,

as, what used-to-be, is swept away in the tide.


What care, of Grandpa’s “old school” stories?

Lost, on the children, are the reasons, “why”.

Watch your child visit with Grandpa or Grandma.

Do they give two shitz, of the emotions of the elderly?

Surely, they will be so gracious, as to,


offer a halfhearted “Thanks” for the card….

as they rush out the door to spend the cash.

What? No- “Can I help you with anything, Granny?”????


Or not.

Is it not perfect irony, when


ignored, are the stories of old,

told by those, with shallow breath

and tired bones.

Having endured the fire, only to find,

their posterity has nothing but fun, on their minds.

Yesteryear’s monsters that ravaged,

the sons of today, do not fear

Where’s that stupid old fart’s nurse?

Lost, to ears, too bored to hear,

the wisdom that will bless, and not curse.


Ill-equipped, come, the day.


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