Something old, Something new, Something Stolen, Something flew.

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Keep the home fires burning.” he said, laughing,
as they watched him head for the door
Each time, just one long wintery night,
but new and magical, as it was each time before.
The green light was on. All systems -go
extra copies of the list in case
for each li’l elf knew how harsh the winds blow
whenever Santa took to the chase
Approaching his blessed chariot,
reigndeer eyes filled with fire,
their snorts of steam rising
his deep deep chuckle, not surprising.
So, off in a flash, no time left to spare
a do-or-die mission to be told
touching hearts past all borders of men
a vision for all to behold.
No glance at dash needed, as miles drift away
no need for gas guage on this wondrous sleigh
Love itself burns hot enough, bright
to carry him on and light his way.
Is it any wonder? No, he must.
Climbing down into our hearts and homes
through the blackest soot of our souls
sneeking in, like a thief in the night
to brighten our next dawn of day.
Oh, we do hear and feel his chariot’s skids
sliding across the rooves of our souls
we’re not so insensative…
…though we may or may not have insulated
ourselves from the storms that come and go,
on any given long winter’s night.


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