See The World

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

See the world in a dime
A free one found, from time to time
To think it all could be sublime
Flipping; 50/50, leaves either reason or rhyme

See the world in the eyes of a child
If left alone, stays meek and mild
But fashioned instead, and so smoothly they are styled
Finds at the end, inside them, smoldering rage gone wild

See the world in your cup of soup
Once gone cold, hard to ever, ever recoup
Through valley dark, the smiles will droop
Till not soon enough, that our knees and pride may stoop

See the world in the eyes of a man gone mad
Though best intentions, he ever had
So few would hear; any wonder so sad?
What’s left, but love, to make him once again, glad

See the world and all that it can hold
Grows so dark and wounded, biting, bitter and cold
Still small flames of a story once told
Of happily ever after, a grand vision to behold

See the world turning, spinning round in me and you
Feel the flame inside, still burning; beckons us, “go through”
And though we daily suffered, the tended garden grew
Amidst the failing tares, for which the tempest blew…



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