Rhyme in Reason

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The powers that hold the universe together, bind us as one.

The establishment of principle endures the test of human ignorance.

We live our lives denying that which we do not see

As we are fed an amplitude of waves that surround us.

Powers are wielded by tongue and hand.

The inevitable will ultimately prevail over all storm clouds of doubt

The mouth of the scoffer is shut; once and for all.

It will take hell on earth to get to heaven

Lies are washed away through many a teardrop from above.

A lion roars with each clap of thunder

Though you drown him out with your man-made noise.

Being led by truth, fosters a lamb.

The hunter easily takes down the slow to awaken.

Being made to submit to lies, breeds a rebellious cub;

One day to overtake the ruthless old king – and rule in just.

The coyote lives in fear and hides,

yet always seeks to devour the ignorant by surprise.

5 elements: the long awaited star.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Runaway subroutines that corrupt have but 2 fathers:

Operator error, or diabolical scheme?

A world of people having more truth inside their hearts

Than you could ever find outside, save for nature itself.

Welcome to the masquerade, where nothing is what it seems.

It is indeed a disheartening thing to swallow,

Knowing that your final report will be…

“I’m sorry. They would not believe the song, my Lord.”

Perhaps it is insane to think that these granite walls could ever fall.

The degradation of morals is lichen to the stone.

Compared to a couple in a garden,

mankind has become like the sands on the sea shore,

and the evil that men do – is a beast, from the sea, who,

with each and every footfall, tramples carelessly across the beach.

Footprints in the sand.

Each man is an island, set amidst a raging sea,

Within us, emoceans crash. The storm comes, or hearts cry and the rain falls.

Winds of change both darken our skies and usher in a new dawn.

Life is a jungle – and stumbling blocks abound in a dark forest.

Yet there is light. And even if, but a sliver in the night, vision comes.

Shadows dance and play any tune to keep you away from knowing the truth.

Exposed, they are but nothing to fear.

If you want to know if there is a loving God,

Look into the eyes of your child.

If that doesn’t work, try looking into the face of your dog.

Someone put a lot of work into making you a best friend.



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