Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

If I stepped outside this flesh

I’m sure I’d pass through walls

But I’m sorry to say

That, while I’m away

I’ll be unable to take your calls.

But when I return, I’ll listen and learn

To your message, your heart’s request

Quickly to turn, time wasted, I’ll spurn

And I’ll move at your behest

If with me, you go

Through rain, sleet or snow

To find the true light of day

Then maybe we’ll find

Some real peace of mind

I know if we try, that we may.

Why does it seem

That the demons, they teem

Making everything happen, amiss

I can’t help but hear

Their mocking, so queer

They claw, they screech and they hiss

But just all you wait

Cuz if I grab my fate

Some things will be changing round here

I’ll open my mouth

And then they’ll head south

And they’ll be the ones who’ll learn fear

You may think me insane

But sand slips grain by grain

And hours they do tick away

And you may think me slow

To progress, this I know

It’s so hard to see when skies are grey

If you wish not for my day

Keep my rainbow away, you should pray

For when my feet land

On more than this shifting sand

A new* color will enter the fray.


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