Prognosis: Delusional Psyzophrenic w/ Mal-adjusted Sterotypes. I mean Stereo headphones.

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s one thing to see and understand the weight of the mountain. It’s quite another, to see your loved ones being made to burden it. The hearts of men have come to (wishing the rocks would fall upon them and crush them); an end to their suffering. The counselor uses all their skills and adeptness, to shed some light, a sword of truth (if you will), as they fight against years of wrong or unjust seeds of woe. The weapon they use has been sharpened by years of practice; the friction of steel upon stone. A good counselor fights to win, with everything they’ve got. And believe them; it’s a battle. For the patient, it is often a choice between life and death, in some fashion. There is no guarantee of success. Our minds have, for too long, been assaulted by deceit and treachery, and to cut through all that darkness may sometimes seem impossible, even to a wise counselor, since they cannot force a will to change. One patient at a time, outta 99. we watch the whole of humanity drowning in a tumultuous wave of collapse and debt – to the levels of multi-generational slavery. But blessed be the optimist. They have either reached success in effecting positive change, thus giving life… or they, yet still, believe. While my belief is not in question, it is not so much “fear” that finds a weak spot in my armor, but doubt in mankind itself, to face the truth and be saved. While I realize…. (yes, I realize), it is written, that it will take for God Himself to vanquish our evils… the counselor is STILL forced to do their best, to understand where the patient is coming from; as if to walk in their shoes, Doing so is quite often heart breaking for any counselor who really cares about those they treat. There’s always some sand left in their shoes.
Is any of this getting through? (I amend- here’s my fear. It’s holding hands with doubt.)
I wish I was from Missouri….


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