Open Letter to the Powers that Be

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I live not my life by paper decree, or facing the barrel of a gun. The law that was written in my heart, by God Himself, is Supreme. My own “peer review” with whatever logic, reason and wisdom I have attained, will suffice. The Golden Rule has no amendments, is timeless and cannot be undone by immoral majority or dictatorial maneuvering. Your “czars” shall be banished next to the demon horde you sup with. I’ve been trying to justify you. In the end, I will just defy you. You are not MY president. I realize that, as you takeover, you will inevitably come after me. Why? Because, I Am a Christian and I will live as though I am free. Also, because I am an American and will not submit to the destined tyranny and suffering that you have, secretly, in mind for my fellow Americans, and their continued lineage. You certainly do NOT act like an American, “Mr. President”. Period.


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