No Strings Attached

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Come now, little child, and let me sing you a lullaby.

Your tummy has been filled, and now, your bedtime has come. I will sing to you of great things, mighty and strong; of days filled with victory, pride and valor. I will turn your skies a limitless blue and clothe myself in garment of white, so you will imagine my innocence, as I secure your loyalty by recalling the crimson red that your beloved forefathers spilled for you. The notes will rouse your spirit and the words will justify your desire. I’ll paint you a picture, most fascinating; that all would covet to have. I will create for you, a world of hope, where the moon is just out of reach, though I have been there, I say to you. If you awaken before I wish, I shall tell you tales, until you fall once again, to sleep. I will make you dream of magical things, filling your head with all manner of fantasy. You notice not, as I attract you with a flash in one hand, that I deceive you with the other. I show you an olive branch of peace, while slowly closing my talons around your throat and sticking an arrow in your back. While you sleep, I will remove the heavy burden of your wealth and finest possessions, replacing them with a blank check, that I have written on an oily rag, that will soon enough, spontaneously combust. Believe me when I tell you, there are no strings attached, for I am the puppet master and you will do my bidding. You are part of my show. There is no need to feel insecure, for I have had a part for you to play all along. When I am through with you, and you are no longer needed in my story, I shall place you in a box, though my drama will continue. Those in the audience will see the play unfold, and not soon enough, understand, that I have captivated long, their attention, while I lightened their pockets. They enter my theater while still so young and are released only when they have nothing more to give… to me. The low cost of their ticket was just the beginning. Before I am through with them, I will have dragged their souls across every human emotion; a price that to me, is priceless. They will hand over every ounce of energy they have, to see more. They will come from every corner of the earth to trade their riches for an evening of entertainment, since my show begins as the light fades. I am, at times, filled with disdain, whenever (annoyingly) reminded that, every show must come to an end; and yet, “ah”, the end. It is always my most glorious achievement. To watch them empty their purses, coffers and spirits to me, shouting and aching for the climax that none would have guessed… I have told them the story of their lives. As they walk away old, tired and penniless, it occurs to them that they are the ones in my show, for I am the puppet master, and their lives are in my hand.

And I am coming soon, to a theater near you.




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