Lines in the Sand

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I spent most of my life, quiet, withdrawn and busily analyzing all the input I get from the actions, reactions and various communicative expressions from those around me. At the same time, I have been looking at my own- and comparing it to the Golden Rule… and all of its implications. (Inasmuch as possible) Needless to say, nobody’s perfect, except the Lord.

I have slowly come to accept the obvious realizations that presented themselves, consistently, over time, but only after watching them come to life, within myself and people all around me for probably far too long, before I felt comfortable enough in myself, to say a word. The parables are alive. They are at work in everything. They make no excuses and they tell you no lies. If you face them like a man, they will cut you to the depths of your soul, and leave you more alive, with every scar. There is no life abundant, without the sacrifices, which create the momentum in the first place. Children learn from their parents. Death is not normally sudden, with sin. It’s progressive, silent and soothing… and eventually leaves us gasping for another breath.

The value I place in the things here on earth is lessened by watching those things become the very stumbling blocks between us all. It is said that you must leave your life and follow, if you are really serious about who or what you follow. If you ever wonder if you are a follower, ask yourself this:

“Have I lost a loved one or friend, for standing firm, for or against something I hold passionate and deeper-than-deep convictions about?”

If you have, then you should understand that-

It’s not that I value you less than my standards. It’s that my standards are supposed to be above the desires of man. This is not to say that, I have achieved my goal…  as I press on, each day. I love having you in my life and would not ever wish to lose you, but if I cross the line inside my conscience or am silent about those who empower the masses to, then I am as worthless to the cause as any normal joe, just tryin to get by, trusting in a hijacked system, to get through what he believes – is the only life he has to live. Here. On Earth. And I just can’t do that.

I’ve seen way too much, and KNOW better.

So just take my hand and come (with) me.

Leave the rest behind.

  1. Daryll Anne Michael says:

    Your Mama loves you! Just thought you should know……

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