Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ever said it?
I mean, in anger or pain.
Funny. Aint it?
Jesus Christ. The ever popular scapegoat.
Can you tell me why you swear it?
It’s the blame game. Right?
Christians are horrified to hear it said in a less-than-reverent tone.
I suppose some catholics would wish for a fountain of holy water,
to dive into, after hearing it.
They fear God.
What!? Fear God? But, God is love, right?
hmph… Sure, but…
What ever happened to the phrases;
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”
and “work out your salvation with fear and trembling, knowing it is a righteous God we serve”?

But then, you and I both know that we are far-too civilized
to fear or believe in an all-powerful and all-knowing God.
We have progressed so far as humans.
It would be foolish to think that we are not our own;
individuals with the right to make our own choices,
regardless of the perceived “rights and wrongs” of someone else’s opinion.
Hell! We’re self-made, right?
“Look how far I’ve come on my own..” “woo-hoo” (twirling finger..)
Why should I fear something I can’t see?
I’ll run my own life. Thank you..
Um.. “Yeeeaaaaah…..” (the last 10 lines were sarcasm. hello?)
So, you got pissed-off and said it. So what?
What have you done,
except proclaim or exclaim that He has something to do with your anger or pain,
or has allowed life’s hardships to be upon you
and you blame Him for whatever the difficulty?
You just don’t realize that you are actually declaring His omnipotence by your words.. Do you?
Listen deeper to it. “Seeing, they are blinded…”
Have you ever swore, demanding Buddha, Jim Jones or allah crackhead to “damn-it”? lol… idts…
No. We save that one for God, Himself. Don’t we?
But go ahead and say it.
You are more right than you know, though you wouldn’t want to admit it.

uh, yooohooo….
The symbolic position of being on our knees represents a fall of some sort.
A “coming-up short”, if you will.
It alludes to submittance to a greater force than ourselves.
Whether it’s a sickness that gets us down,
or an acceptance of a greater power than us, with, or against our will.
When you swear the name of Christ,
Maybe you just stubbed your toe.
Maybe you got some bad news.
Maybe the kids are acting like kids and you are at wits-end from arguing.
Perhaps, your team’s game-winning touchdown was called back, due to a stupid penalty.
Maybe, you were just kidding…
Maybe. Just maybe, it’s cuz you just can’t believe it. Whatever “it” is.
Maybe, somewhere deep down, you wish He would fix “it”.
Ya know, there’s a saying:
“Every knee shall bow and confess Him Lord”.
When you swear the name “Jesus Christ”,
… that’s exactly what you’re doing.
So, if you do it around me and I smirk and say “yes”…
…you’ll understand.

Good Day,


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