I Hope You Guys Can Grasp This:

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I realize the many things you must think, overall, about my apparent insanity. What you probably do not realize, is that, I find tremendous fulfillment in engaging in this war to find the right words to say. It consumes me and my only fear is for you. Can you see my willful display of reckless abandon? I glory in it. It makes me free to be who I am and fills me with life. By bringing attention to the lies, I am aiming my arrow at the center of darkness.. No matter the size of this world on my shoulder, I am heard by those who listen. Though the weight of it is crushing, I am not destroyed. Balance is key and the scales are being weighed. To my opponent, I say “Bring it!! I have seen you gloat for too long and though I am tiny in your eyes, I will grab any stone left unturned to hurl at your face. If I die in this battle; at least then, I am free from you, once and for all.”

One King is invisible – One king promises transparency…


If I can “Remember”….


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