Grace Under Pressure

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

So much inside that wants to be shared.
Too bad, I have so little to show for it.
A whole world, just below the surface.
In an instant, I can be too much to fathom or accept,
and what you see with your eyes;
what I bring to the table, appears to be lacking.
A hundred people would bear witness to my failings
and yet-
still, a hundred more would encourage me to keep striving.
Too many times down the same old road;
having tripped on the same old stumbling blocks.
It seems hope dwells on a razor’s edge,
And for the life of me, I cannot, but continue to bleed.
Perhaps today, it will pay off for me,
although I remember my yesterdays all echoing the same.
The irony of being allowed into the presence of greatness
usually, only ends up silently mocking my weaknesses.
The talents and abilities I may possess for a time
are but temporary bloom.
Again and again I am reminded of the futility of pride
and I am humbled, as the measure is laid; and comparisons are made.
And while I live not in a basement or cave,
surely, the dynamic is not far off, indeed.
Constantly in a hole or digging, is the pits.
By the time I am done, I will have moved a mountain,
though the effects will be, quite assuredly, less than a miracle.
Having been through a great many experiences,
whether ending in success or failure,
I have learned many things about life and love.
In a perfect world, the wisdom gleaned from these experiences
would be of value to others -and useful for judgment.
Alas, it is no perfect world…
and nobody wants to be around someone who is judgmental.
While I still have desires, both good and bad, to contend with,
and what would seem to me, to be common sense opinions of both
physical and ethereal matters,
I find hesitation……………………………………………..
knowing that, when I speak, the message will usually be lost,
and interpreted by others as merely inanimate words,
uttered by an inconsiderate fool.
My patience sometimes wears thin and I often grow weary
of tasting blood in my mouth from biting my tongue.
These are the times you’ll see me lash out in desperation,
though I realize I will only be misinterpreted, yet again.
And while I realize, that this profits us nothing,
and it would be better to keep my mouth shut at these times,
still, it must be said that,
even the earth suffers its own periodic volcanic eruption,
thus scorching the beauty on its own face.
True; lava and ash may kill a number of plants and animals in its path,
but this is still better than having the planet explode into nothingness.
Something must relieve this grace under pressure……
-and I’ll understand why, if you choose to not stand by me.




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