Get Out of Jail Free

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I set out to end the dispute.
I was faced with a decision to make.
The details were left aside.
Only the choice of end result.
The rules of the game: no previous knowledge.
Like a thimble or wheelbarrow in Monopoly; having the appearance of just another game piece. set off at “Go”, to round the block again and again.
My destination was not in question.
Only attaining control of select properties, was the task; apart from surviving the unfortunate roll of the dice and not losing all, when landing in foul territory.
The banker, all the while, was supposed to be non-biased and unattached to any specific players within the match.
But alas, for cheaters abound and infiltrated the ranks of those first to build hotels.
Back door bribes and agreements are made under the weight of promised preferential treatment,
as the locomotive steams on, down the rail.
It’s a sad day, when mere pawns are happy to land on “Luxury Tax”;
having near-empty portfolios.
The dream of being seen on the boardwalk and the social status it implies is quickly shattered by the nightmarish reality of the cost of staying in such a posh location.
How fitting, that just around the corner, you find plenty of players relegated to the ghetto.
The banker laughs quietly as the fortunate find temporary pause in the “Free Parking” lot,
knowing that the cash some find laying on the pavement will soon be assessed.
As availabkle properties disappear, the token (stimulus) of “Community Chest” becomes ever-more hoped for, by those looking for a free ride.
Again, the banker chuckles, as he realizes that even social giveaways are paid for by the coffers filled by players themselves
– and no audit of the bank drawers ever come, as the rich get richer and the poor are inevitibly swept off the streets.
Dog eat dog.
What is to be said of this game that lasts too long,
leaving candles always shorter and waxing the relationships between players?
There is, after all, no end to a city, where rent is free and all share and share alike.
This game is about profit and control.
Capitalizing on your investment only takes from your (neighbors’) pockets.
Someone must lose.
How many have walked away “the loser”?
Surely, the brothers Parker could not have envisioned family members set against each other in such a way.
So, the lowly and meek become homeless and end up thrown out of town,
while the fruits of their labor is given to those who remain.
Slowly, each player’s assets are (redistributed),
and while the last player standing, glories in his/her wealth and accomplishment,
they are still left alone,
to imminently stack their riches back into the banker’s hands,
not far from the place where the bodies of their deceased neighbors are kept.
Game over.
The box is put away.
The losers have been “schooled” in economics once again.
The players have shown their character through the integrity of their behaviors and dealings with each other while they played.
The only questions that remain are these:
Would the losers have fared better if they would have chosen to collude, or did their integrity keep them from taking part in the greed that is demanded of those who wish to gain ultimate control of the board?
Do we play to win? What is the prize?
Is it something of perceived value with temporal or permanent gain?
Is not the choice made before the board is even set up?
To lose a game and keep our conscience in tact,
or to compromise our integrity towards our fellow men, for the sake of selfish gain?
This, is the choice that is made.
If we grasp the meaning, then the dispute comes to an end.
The devil plays between the choice and the outcome.

By perceiving his role, he is de-tailed.



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