Frosted Mini Wheat

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are two sides to me.

One, is the side you see with your eyes. It sees through eyes of flesh. It looks at the world and all that it contains, through a type of short-sightedness that does not always take into consideration that which may come tomorrow, from today’s decisions, actions and behaviors. It looks for comfort and peace. It wants things that may or may not be good for itself in the long run. At times, it would rather see the death of those who rule and control others by deception and subterfuge, than to exercise patience, in the hope that they will begin to deal fairly with others; especially those millions who have entrusted them to do so, (at the polls). This side of me is trapped in a time capsule that certainly has a limited number of grains to fall. It cannot refute the realities of cause and effect; beginning and end. It has witnessed birth and death within arm’s distance and feels the emotions associated with victory and defeat. It has raised children in the face of an uncertain world, albeit, within the land of freedom and promise. It has learned along the way, through the years, that what we reap, we will sow. It sees a nation that once was made great because of the virtues and values it held as a standard, which many bled and died for, slowly watered down by the simple rule of numbers and the voracious appetite of greed. To deny the eventual demise of such a nation, because of its unending failure to control the influx of millions of citizens, legal of not, who disdain these standards and values, in my mind, is sheer folly. To pretend that a people can live and prosper through credit and practice lifestyles that contradict the standards and values of that which formed the most powerful nation in history, is to ignore truth and to put off ’til tomorrow, the pain of paying for said lifestyle. Who can argue, that a child rebels against the authority and control of the parent? Within this dynamic, lies the progressive power of change in society. By the time the child has grown, matured and finally recognizes the reasons for their parents’ stances, damage is done and it has always been impossible to go back in time to reverse the missteps that bring us all to where we are as both individuals and as a nation. This, in no way, addresses the ongoing wrongs that adults commit. Where is the rationality in a man, when he fights to have the right to engage in the lusts of the flesh, and then turn around and wonder why their children have inevitibly sunken deeper into turning the previous generation’s taboos into commonplace acceptable behaviors? With (pride), they march the streets, demanding the freedom and right; lo, even protection from the criticism of a conservative voice… How can this cycle end? To what depths of depravity can mankind debase itself without consequence? It would seem, by watching and listening to the liberal, the atheist and those who have no respect for the possibility of ultimate accountability, that there is no accounting for these wrongs; only the vengeance against those who do. The dissonence must be silenced, once and for all. Only through the death of all Zionist followers, can this planet be free of resistance, and able to be all that Satan dreams. All other religions and ideas ultimately become the same in the end. One world, without its Creator. Without its Savior. An island unto itself.


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