Epitome V.1

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


I’m just standing here, minding my own business…

when all of a sudden, a rush of ideas encircles me and dances in,

where, what was once, a dark encryption on reality’s face, was before me.

As the images fly by,

I begin to see engram and stereogram,

working in conjunction – to an almost invisible destination,

were it not for glimpses: stars in the captivating night sky.


If ever came the day, when the worst thing would happen,

it would not be a war or a thermonuclear bomb.


It would neither be an alien invasion or riots in the streets.

Not even the tumultuous waves of currencies, crashing, would do.

A petty king can lead many astray and subjugate them in vain,

but still, there would be a spark of rebellion, as Qi is transformed.



Paths we pave on streets of desire only lead to dead end roads,

and the system we’ve built has placed walls to fence us in,

yet, the 4×4 has no regard for medians and hi-rez intersection cams.

“Undocumented” U-turns are illegal,

according to those who would have you follow blindly.

“The best laid schemes of mice and men go oft awry”…

and in the hands of a liberal progressive,

The American dream, is included.

We mourn the loss of 3000 heroes and wage war in revenge,

though we attempt to justify it as deterrent of future attack.



How many abortions are there in 1 year? Still no uprising.

(except from those who demand the right)

Watered-down courts and backroom deals are

but a reflection, of a hopeless society in moral decline.

Given a super majority, all hope is lost; save, a true King.

The (state) of our souls is “in dire need of cleansing, lest we die”.

Mirrored conditions do not yield credibility to happenstance or evolution.


(The Sacred Mirrors – Alex Grey)


If ever came the day, when the darkness claimed to be brilliant,

and the light, therefore was darkness,

-and we believed-

all hell could break loose.

But do not fear the evil horde: for they are but shadow and mist.



Those who follow their heart-of-hearts, see the Son rising,

The Story is being read.  The Song is being sung.

A war that’s won still rages – and the battle’s just begun.

Connect the dots. The stress you find along the way

will ultimately drown in a ting well, as the cycle begins again.


Perhaps, the Book should have been named:


“The Macrocosmic Epitome”


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