Dear Mr. President

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Dear Mr. President,

I’m writing to let you know, that your actions clearly threaten freedom for me, and for not only those I know and love, but those I’ve never met; who may or may not agree with anything I say, as well. I watch, as you steal from, while misinforming those you swore to serve and protect. Your reign may last until you are old, grey and frail, but rest assured; it WILL end. In that day, people will finally, after a long and heartbreaking wait, (like the children of Israel), weep from joy, after being held captive by your smooth & flattering speech; and the wonderful finesse that you exude, in the art of brilliant deception. The name you chose to use to describe the spirit within you?: but another nauseating attempt at your self aggrandizement and claim to (temporary) total power, and it only shows clearer, your delusions of grandeur. But alas, for you have always been so, through time. Have you not? My people die, for lack of knowledge. They should know the translation of your assumed name, which was uttered by the lips of Christ Himself, when asked about the end: A direct reference to the One that was cast down, “like lightning from heaven”. Well, well. Aren’t we so very bold.  Pride, in the fact that you are living up to your father’s dreams? That’s a good boy. The battle, it seems, is yours; for the people have too many hoops to jump through, to ever stop you in time. Adding insult to injury; they can amongst themselves, find no reasonable compromise, to begin with.

Surely, your wife must cackle when it is dark and the cameras are nowhere to be found. It’s almost as if the supernatural were involved here. Like all the pieces were slowly, over time (progressively), put into place by the evils that men do, to bring down the walls around all things held dear by the last “free” land on earth, and laid into your hands to do your prophesied will. You rammed your healthcare lie into the books and still less than 2% of the people, it would seem, understand: it requires biometric devices to be pervasively “installed”, within 3 years of the bill’s passing. Quietly, in a record-breaking ponzii scheme, you give millions to Verichip, for human implants. All will be required to accept it; rich and poor, and in return, will be provided for. Those who will not accept this mark, (oh yeah. There is a tiny mark left from an injection that wide in diameter) will suffer some form of death, whether it be financially or by the dangers and inconveniences of imprisonment. The reason you claim Hawaiian decent, is to divert from the truth that would bring to mind yet another prophecy regarding a certain person’s African place of birth. You want to act like God? You have the whole deluded world and powers of force on your side? No matter. I am forced by conscience, to deny you before my father, nonetheless. You are taking many I care for and I cannot sit quietly by and just go ahead with my normal life, which you also intend to consume.

Dear Mr. Lightning F. Heaven,

There is a crystal, hanging silent and cold in the midst of space and time. It is black when the light of truth is occluded. Only when the object which obstructs the light is removed, can its rays be refracted into color, thus bringing life, and meaning. Held inside this crystal is a story, a song and a battle. Love rings true in harmony, while hate brings the dissonant chord. With all “due” respects, Sir; but you would be well served to change your tune. Perhaps, your part of the story, which you so eloquently play, IS the One who destroys the last of the free. If that is true then most assuredly, the story must soon come to a bloody end into darkness, once again. While the spirit within the meek yet submits to you like lambs, (here I must inject a “hallelujah” for their perseverance), I am thankfully, not filled with the same. Perhaps, before I was born, I made the choice to go through hell of some sort, to guarantee a good conclusion, instead of living a life of king and being ultimately lost to the corruption of power. Do you think I did not, even then, realize the risks that posed? I live for the song. I am the singer. I am in love with the orchestra and long to hear her sing with me. All would be well, if not for the story, which intrudes upon the melody, in dissonant chord. You have stepped into the role willingly. “Destroyer of the remnant”; and during my lifetime, even. I would be a fool to believe that remaining silent for fear, would be acceptable, were there a holy and righteous Judge of all men. So laugh, Barak, for your days are numbered by Someone you choose to deny.


I Was Born Here


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