Can anyone say “Super Collider”?

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

When the scientists finally make the LHC function properly,
(According to them, possibly opening up to 10 different dimensions,
by “crossing points of light”)
Will our dreams then mesh completely* with our realities?
Will we then realize the mirror (image) of ourselves?
Will our hopes be true?
Will our fears come to call?
If we have run away in our dreams from the terror,
Will we still be able to then turn, and confront it?
Or will it finally, have its prey?
What of those who do now, turn and face it?
Will they be finally, empowered?
Will the sweet & sour desires in our flesh begin to rot?
Or will a light from within and above begin to illumine, justly?
Perhaps then, our flesh will be renewed,
By the invisible fruits; our ‘tree of life’ doth bear…
Inasmuch as we find value in the finite….
Surely, that would weigh in, during our judgment.

There… my hands are clean.


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