But then, What if, Too bad…

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I used to just ignore the issues surrounding us,
and try to numb my mind to the obvious eventual outcome of it all.
I didn’t take the time or waste the effort to vote,
since both nominees were evil men, having sold their souls to their constituents.
I found comfort in the fact that I was only 1 person…
and 1 person is NOTHING, in the grand scheme of things.
Besides, without wealth and power, (which corrupt),
there is no changing any part of the status quo…
It was easier to go along with my day, analyzing my motives,
and trying to act like I gave a care about little things.
I figured, if/when their house of cards fell,
at least I would have been busy being honest with myself.
After all, I was not put here to kill the evils that abound.
Far be it from me to judge… others.
I stopped going to church after trying so many different denominations,
because I saw the same old in-fighting and politics inside every single one.
I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance after my 5th grade book report on
“the plight of American Indians” revealed to me more than I wanted to know
about the alleged puritan and his great escape from British subjugation.
What moron out there actually believes that suited partisanship
gives two shitz about the essence of the pledge?
To them, It became all about money and power.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist… but maybe it takes a freemason.
A 5th grader who pays attention to the world around him can see:
The world’s greatest system is doomed to fail,
when manned by men who live according to their desires.
What could have happened to a country that caused its citizens to look with disdain
at those who obeyed executive orders to go to war with Korea? Vietnam?
POW’s left behind. Forsaken.
Veterans of foreign wars spat at by their own people.
Presidents having oral sex in the white house and giving missile secrets to China.
Illegal aliens gaining the crown by deception.
… As race is played as a wild card… a Joker, if you will.
How long will this country sit back and enjoy another beer?
It’s time for the World Series, It’s the 4th of July. Merry Christmas. Your taxes are due.

Every time you turn around, there is always another distraction
to keep you too busy to get involved.
Jobs, bills, birthdays, holidays, weekend events…
spring flowers, April showers… watching falling towers…

We raged in vain for but a moment.
We went after the wrong men. Only uneducated pilots of terror
and not the people responsible for allowing them to do so.
Most don’t even understand the meaning of “false flag flying”.
We would easier believe a devil in Armani,
than a shepherd in dusty sandals.
The puppeteer pits the puppets; one against the other.
and all the while, we sit transfixed by the show….
while simultaneously, our own strings are pulled,
not realizing that the war of the puppets is actually…
at the hands of the puppeteer.
Nation against nation. Brother against brother.
A world in flames.
But don’t lose heart! Headquarters is here to help.
and for a few dollars more…. you can keep your comforts a little longer.

I used to hear; “You can be whatever you want”.. and “Dare to believe”…
and yet,
as I grew up, watching people want more than their share, believing lies..
lies that were fed and propagated by a media force beyond conscience,
which yielded only to the almighty Dollar and the agenda of its liberal elite directors,
I realized….

It doesn’t matter if you abhor the fact that Johnson & Johnson, Geico
and every other manufacturer and service company spend their profits
to support unnatural human behaviors that are considered an abomination to God..
You can not stop them.
The conglomerate… The monopoly. Power and money have already been centralized.
You can replace the tenant in a white house,
but you cannot stop the locomotive that he campaigns upon.
Executive orders to steal your wealth in days of impending economic collapse may not be pleasant to you, but if you think blaming the banks for bad loans caused a problem to the housing market, consider this:
What happens when you trust your currency to a private banking system? Do you think that they will respond to your complaints with a bailout? They would sooner allow your world to collapse and let you die homeless, than to pull out their secondary ledger for audit.They (the Federal Reserve) do not need the Americans any longer. They have their hands in the pockets of every nation on earth and as soon as we are destitute, we will be of no use to them any longer. Remember that the next time you stop at your local church to vote for politicians.


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