A simple white boy’s poor excuse for English haiku

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

A lonely sunrise
The watcher waits on the hill
Knowing the time’s come

Those in town sleep; still
Beneath deception’s cruel shroud
Pacified no less

From the mountain top
His warnings are lost to wind
And the town is taken

Set ablaze, the town
Cries of pain pierce empty streets
No more dreams tonight

Death’s nightmare is come
Ashen hooves trample the soul
And midnight rides free

Futility’s dawn
Rises with staggering speed
Hope; crushed and bleeding

Where are the king’s men?
Running from fear and regret
Wood, hay and stubble

Blackened skies cry out
And sorrow, a mother’s tomb
Laughter known no more

A world of symbols
Denied for science’s rule
Faith is left to die

Hear the rocks cry out
Formed by the Maker’s own hand
His patience at end

Wail for your children
Being led astray by man
Further from the truth

I’ll stop for you now
Any of this gotten through?
Time will always tell


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