A Call to Arms (Neon Knights)

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s easier for a musician to bask in the supposed glory of a few fans,

than to take the gift they are given and use it in such a way, as to affect the world, positively.

The old “ya gotta play stuff they like” bit is old enough to burn,

and burn it will;  like wood, hay and stubble.

Is there nothing more to you, “music man”, than inane bar tunes?

God gave rock and roll to you; put it in the hearts of everyone.


He’s given you all you need, to save your brother,

and you waste it on momentary entertaining, for a tip.

Better to give a homeless man your sports car, than to watch this magic go to waste.

We don’t need superstars and fame or fortune.

What this place needs is fire, passion and the courage of a neon knight,

to call to attention, the truth, through chords of instrumental preface.

Do not believe that polished skills, put to task, are in vain.

Much to the contrary.

Time to polish that sword and point it in the right direction.

Time to release the reckless abandon that you have contained,

all this time,

and make your stand.

Your moment is come, and heaven waits to see if you are mature enough,


to be the instrument you were created to be.


But first,


inside you,


a decision must be made:


Will you forsake this earthly place of temporary splendor, waning?

Will you rip the veil that shrouds your next step, and become one with your destiny?


Will you tell yourself, that there is nothing to fear and all is well in the world, today?

Deep inside you,

the dissonant chord is heard, time and again,

though you write it off as some distortion, in a song that,

you’re really not paying any attention to,in your busy little world of typical responsibilities?


Bang those drums, drummer-

squeal your upper frets, guitarist

and slap your heavy strings to your most beloved tunes, Mr. bass player.


Immerse your souls in the rhapsody,

for one day,

too soon,

your eternal reward will be valued by

-the amount of relevance that your choice of song lends-

to the needs of man, on his darkest day.




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