Lunacy Unleashed

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


(A Word of Warning from the Author)

*The ideas and opinions expressed in this rant may not be suitable for closed minded individuals, but can be verified in an ancient book, which likely, sits on your shelves, perhaps, mostly unread or misread. Neither my opinions, nor yours, are ultimately in control of what comes after this very short life here, on earth.

Why are we here? Why does God let bad things happen?

Here are the answers (that are obvious to me).

We all have heard about “the Beginning” (Genesis).

That was the beginning on earth. What about the beginning before that? Before God made the earth, He made the angels. They were all glorious and enjoyed the presence of God. The Bible tells us about specific angels from time to time and how they interacted with men and women through the ages…

Open your minds for a glimpse of the heavenly scene….before the age of man.

There was a certain angel, loved and honored more than any other. He was called the Son of the Morning, for he was the “Bringer of the Light”. (Consider the implications, please.)

Somewhere, in this timeless scenario, the Son of the Morning, Lucifer, began to question why he, along with all the other heavenly host of angels must worship God, only. He was convinced, in his own reasoning, that all should be equal with God and that God must surely be selfish; to alone, wield all power, honor and glory. This idea, Lucifer shared with the angels and convinced a third of the entire host, of the same. It was at this point that Lucifer took his notions before God.

Now God, being the beginning and end of all wisdom, knew that when faced with Lucifer’s objections, that it was not fair for creation to worship Him at His command, but rather, for creation to worship Him because they realized His greatness. At this point, God suggested the most tremendous idea. God would allow Lucifer an arena to fully prove his plan to the heavens. If Lucifer’s ideas were to benefit heaven, then God would allow his lobby. But if Lucifer’s plan failed, then heaven would all see why God’s word was correct.

How? By letting a fruit tree fully come to fruition, the fruits are easily recognizable to all, whether they are good to eat, or not.

This is where we find God creating planet earth, but not as we know it now. When the earth was new, there was no rainfall – ever.


The mist would arise from the ground at night, watering the earth, and all of her foliage. Man did not know rain until the first drop fell upon the days of Noah. Now, you may be wondering at this point where I’m getting all this…. READ your bible, don’t just dust it off once a year and think you are saved. Those who will be saved are those who know Him. How can a man know God? I have found that by actually READING His words and pondering on the message and intent therein, and how it relates to our own lives, leads me to knowing Him more. I’m not saying that I have figured it all out: just that if you reach way deep down in yer drawers and grab onto what little faith you have, asking Him to help you understand, His Spirit of knowledge and understanding will take you places, unimagined in the minds of worldly men.

Today’s world has grown up and forgotten God. It now rests its hope on mankind’s abilities to create the things that all humans desire in their hearts – health, peace, justice, love, etc… We have lost faith in God and even blame Him for a sick or dying friend or relative. We ask “how could God let this happen to me/ good people”? My friends, you have been deceived. God is not in the business of letting things happen to people. He is interested in your soul first and He knows far better than us, the needs of the flesh. How does He know how hard life is? He never walked in MY shoes. No, but He is there with you while you are angry, feeling cheated, being falsely accused, being beaten, finding yourselves at the end of your ropes. Not just there, but in your heart, where the hurt is, because He is the Master of Consideration, the King of Understanding and the beacon of hope that somehow helps you back on your feet. While we act as though our own determination has taken us to great places, the truth in our souls realizes just how fragile we all are.

The pride of man will be his undoing.

In an instant, we forget or fail to see the truth. All the while He is there, watching over EACH of us as if we were His only child. So few can believe this, as millions upon millions are raised by earthly fathers who; albeit, best or worst of them, cannot fully portray the characteristics of God as Father. Our society no longer has the capacity to see God as loving because we look around through fuzzy glasses that do not allow us to understand the truth of it all. What makes our glasses fuzzy? Remember the plan?

Lucifer got to work straight-away in the garden. He lied to Eve, created doubt and deceived them both into sin. The rest is history. But where do we find ourselves in the Timeline of Man? Scholars, scientists and politicians have the world believing that we, as humans, are evolving; becoming gods ourselves and able to cure more and more illnesses, even if it takes aborting a fetus, for stem cells to inject into the bodies of the sick or paralyzed. (Rich and famous)

Come: let us reason…..

We have stepped way over the line. See the daily news people telling us how out-of-control the world is, with this religious zealot bombing here and that “terrorist” bombing there. It sounds to me more like “False Flags”, flying.

Oops, it’s time for a commercial break; to think about how and where to spend our hard earned money on the desires of the flesh and entertainment to get away from it all.

Is it any wonder that people don’t feel God within them? They are hypnotized by the world. Too consumed by cares and worries about wood, hay and stubble – cars, houses, bills, contracts, lattes, toys. Don’t forget the toys: big toys, small toys, child-safe happy meals and child-safe guns. I can hear the deceiver there saying “have fun, enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about missing church. I’m with you always”.

I want you to know that there are more places to find God outside church than in. Out where the old man is freezing, out where the child is being verbally abused by his/her parent. Out where you find yourself in trouble. I’m sure that God goes to church from time to time, but the real work is on the street. He’s there – are we? Where is God on payday when you are stopped at the light looking at the homeless man with no teeth? He might need a buck or two, but you’ve got bills…. How bout that half a bottle of Excedrin on your dash? Do ya THINK that he might live with toothaches? Do you think you could ever wind up in his position? How bout that unopened bottle of water next to you? Is it possible he may be thirsty? It is only 97 degrees out today. Good thing my AC is on….

Is any of this sinking in?

Here’s your science lesson for the new millennium…

I want to know how it never rained and then it didn’t stop for 40 days and nights. Where the HELL did all that water come from? When will the scientists realize that there was originally an ‘aqua sphere’ situated somewhere in our atmosphere? The gravitational pull upon it increased earth’s atmospheric pressure to more than we have now. This created a wonderful dynamic on earth; a global terrarium that could sustain man for a thousand years…Hyperbaric treatments today draw their effectiveness from this same dynamic. (Just ask Michael Jackson) Bacteria grow slower in higher pressure. Wounds heal faster. Unfortunately, for us all, and especially for those who witnessed the first rain, the collapse of the aqua sphere caused not only rain to fall, beginning our current weather cycles, but also took out all who would not heed the “Non Swimmers: Stay out of the deep end” signs…

(There were no lifeguards on duty that day. They had set sail already.)

This* is why the first rainbow came. It was the first time water had been suspended in mid-air to create the effect. Who can argue, that once, such a supposed (and only) layer of water in our atmosphere was gone, that our world could EVER be destroyed again by a flood? Since the atmospheric pressure was lost when the flood happened, it not only deteriorated our body’s capability to live so long, due to less oxygen being absorbed into the lungs, but it also allowed bacteria to spawn faster… Viruses too… The loss of the aqua sphere also began a very long and drawn out warming trend too, I would suppose, since the radioactive rays of the sun are no longer refracted so eloquently upon our faces…by a perfect bubble around earth..

You see, people… Science is the explanation of God’s handiwork.

It MUST agree with His word. If it does not, then the facts have only been misconstrued by less than enlightened individuals… no matter how expensive their automobiles are, or what degree they have ‘earned’… I tell you this, flatly. If the scientific community admitted to this, it would only further prove the Bible as legitimate;

and THAT, my friends, will just not do…

I asked God a long time ago to “show me the kingdom of heaven”. I didn’t see angels and streets of gold. Rather, I was blessed with a new sight: The ability to see or perceive the underlying motives of men and how they are set against God. He also has made me able to understand what I see on earth as it relates to prophecy. I’m no Johnny Smith, mind you, but I am able to see the end of something by considering it. This is both a blessing and a curse. Freedom comes with a price. My vision also sets me apart; apart from the “in” crowd, the friendly barbeque, or employee gatherings and such. I have no urge to bullshit. The time is short and you want to barbeque? What I see is far too shocking for you to believe, since your minds have been conditioned to believe in the tangible only.


The world is growing cold…

Troubles are everywhere. No longer can we allow our children to play unattended. No longer can granny walk to the market. No longer do we enjoy the privacy we once knew. Now we all run for help in our time of need. Need for mommy or daddy, need for the cops, need for a few F-16’s (and throw in a B1 bomber, just to be sure). Need for a fix, need for a cure.

Now, here in the dawning of the 21st century, the mind of man and all the wonders of technology are about to bring an answer we can all believe in and place our trust in. What if we could track all convicted rapists, murderers, molesters and even those who are foreigners; visiting our country for ‘God knows’ what ultimate purpose? What if you could find your missing child anywhere on earth? What if you no longer needed cash, checks or credit cards? What if you could walk down the street, feeling safe from being robbed, due to the countless surveillance cams (already in place), all accessible to police as needed? What if all of your medical records were safe and you didn’t need to carry ID anymore? What if diabetics didn’t have to poke themselves anymore to read their blood sugar level? What if the word counterfeit was a thing of the past, or identity theft? What if the government assured you that they could do all that? Would you feel safe? Would you trust them? Will you have a choice? How easy, it is going to be, for the masses to be led astray. Already, they gain momentum. I have actually heard Christians recommend implanting ex-cons with GPS devices for 24/7 tracking purposes. These Christians just can’t see that the very technology they call for will lead to their own slavery. I call it slavery because eventually, the Mark of the Beast, or “Verichip/Digital Angel”, will be the way to go. Nobody will talk about it now and I fear for your souls.

What if Superman could walk again?

All for the low, low price of some stem cells, from aborted children…

…resurrected and approved by Obama, himself.

1. How low we fly these days, Superman…

2. How low we have bowed to kings of men, Barak Hussein…

Security – or the promise of it, is VERY alluring. But when we place trust in something, it actually becomes our master, as we must all follow the rules of its plan. In the end, all of humankind’s wonderful advances in technology will enslave those who depend on it. The future is upon us and the time is VERY short. Revelation is unfolding and the words of the prophets all come to pass in the eyes of those on earth today.

I would say “God Bless America”

BUT…. He Has……

He has blessed us more than any other nation in history. We turn our backs on Him at school, in the courts, and in our minds. The pride of America is dying in its own degradation and depravity. Democracy has failed and lady liberty is too busy licking her wounds to realize her time has past. The patriots fire guns and we all applaud for the cause…The mantle of domination is shifting back to Europe as the European Union, or the revived Roman Empire (The United Nations). Already, America yields to the international will (You gotta love a liberal president), trading away its sovereignty.

Go ahead; vote your little heart out. It won’t change man’s destiny. One nominee brings war, while the other brings compromise. You have no other options. You may think America is the best that the world has seen as far as worldly governments go, but that’s all it is – a WORLDLY system, that has kicked God out, for the policy of “Self Rule”. Yeah, right. That’s exactly what Lucifer wanted too… Ha!

We are suffering the removal of His blessing upon our nation. Prepare to live your worst nightmare… And if I were you – I wouldn’t count on the rapture. If God needed you to stay and be a light in a darkened world – would you? Could you? If He raptures me, fine. If not, that’s fine too. Until I die or He comes, I’ll keep on with the mission He has charged me with. Let me spend my life, as a man, trying to warn you….in the midst of the coming lunacy that is being unleashed upon the world.

Come, Lord… Only you can fix us.


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