2 Tears

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized



This tear on my left cheek is the very essence of sorrow,

and embodies the pain, suffering and trials of my sisters and brothers who walk through this life,

not seeing what cannot be seen by the eyes of the flesh.

They are lost.

My hope is great for them, though the time of harvest draws ever nearer.

It also is evidence of my own failings and it cries out against me,

demanding justice for harms done and promises unkempt.


This tear on my right cheek is the very essence of glory,

and embodies the joy of victory and renewal of life for those who see beyond this earthly realm.

It reflects the wonder that I experience from having treasures of revelation shown to me

and the awe of knowing I have been blessed with such great things,

though unfortunately,

I find them so difficult to explain.

It waters the precious seeds of encouragement that grow from

seeing others recognize truth in a darkened world, for it comes from the river of life.



they both splash upon the dirt below, leaving tiny traces of my own path,

which, to me,

often seems less traveled.

Although I feel alone quite often, I am surrounded by those who think me both rich and poor;

for it is true.

My pockets may be empty, but my heart overflows with a different type of wealth.


And I tend to find myself laughing through these 2 tears……


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